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What Is A Landing Page, Anyway?


Sarah Danks | 27 Aug 2015

As a Part 2 to my “Introduction to Pay-per-click” post, I’m going to talk about landing pages. Specifically, what the hell they are, why you use them, what they’re NOT and why you need a custom landing page vs. using your website as a destination for paid traffic (most of the time). So, once you’ve […]

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Introduction to Pay-Per-Click Marketing


Sarah Danks | 20 Aug 2015

In this post I’m going to give a basic introduction to the world of pay-per-click marketing. Here I’ll discuss four main areas: What is Pay-Per-Click? Features and Benefits of PPC How can PPC marketing help your business? Introduction to some PPC platforms First off… What is Pay-Per-Click Marketing? Pay-per-click — or PPC — is a model of […]

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Expandable Sitelinks for (Some) Google Mobile Search Results


Sarah Danks | 18 Aug 2015

This morning I read on Search Engine Land that Google’s playing with/rolling out/has launched expandable sitelinks for mobile organic searches. Shree Vaidya noticed it this past weekend, evidently. It would seem that Google still needs to iron out their process for picking the pages listed in these expandable dropdowns; Shree noticed some inconsistencies with the navigational options. And, […]

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13 Optimization Podcasts you should be listening to


Jenna Redfield | 14 Aug 2015

Podcasts have had a renaissance recently, as we recently blogged about, and many agencies, startups and businesses have created them to share their knowledge and content with their audiences. During a recent twitter chat, ThinkSEM mentioned listening to podcasts as a way to increase our knowledge about SEO,  Conversion Rate Optimization and PPC and several people asked […]

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Keyword Research Tools To Propel Your Business Forward

weekly web workout

Sarah Danks | 13 Aug 2015

If you have a business website, then you know keywords are paramount to your online success. And not just ANY keywords. But, which ones to use? How to incorporate them into your content? How do they work within the structure of your website — e.g., how to use keywords in your URLs? And, of course, the […]

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10 Best Books about SEO


Jenna Redfield | 03 Aug 2015

With the overwhelming amount of content published daily, how do we get seen by both Google and the millions of people using the internet? The answer: SEO. Truth be told, there is an overwhelming amount of internet content published on this topic; with videos and articles explaining different concepts, from ranking in Google to keyword selection. Unfortunately, these articles and videos only […]

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Bing Traffic: Referral, Organic…or Both?


Sarah Danks | 28 Jul 2015

Bing Starting to “Not Provide” Data… As search marketers we’re still grumbling about Google’s decision to not allow anyone to see keyword data in Analytics. Even the mere mention of (not provided) is enough to set some of us — more than others — on edge. Every time Google makes a change and takes information […]

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Using Video to Create a More Efficient Funnel


Sarah Danks | 24 Jul 2015

Casey Henry’s 2015 MNSearch Summit Presentation During a 10-hour day of shooting photographs and attending a marketing conference, there are a few people who stick out in your mind after the event ends. Casey Henry’s definitely one of those personas. From photo-bombing my candid — well, and posed — shots to posing cheesily while assembling […]

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The Video Platform Battle: Who Will Win the Marketer’s Heart?


Jenna Redfield | 23 Jul 2015

Which platform is the future of video content marketing on mobile? We here at ThinkSEM are always looking at ways for businesses to drive leads and conversion to their websites, and in addition to landing pages and PPC marketing, social media is another important aspect to growing a brand and building an audience. Today we […]

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Goodbye, PageFights…


Sarah Danks | 21 Jul 2015

As my jokester uncle always said at the end of a family gathering, “It’s been real, and it’s been nice…   …but it hasn’t been real nice.” Please bow your heads and help us mourn the loss of a very dear friend of ours: the controversial, informational, funsational PageFights. That’s right: it’s gone. Dead. Sayanara. Adios, amigos. […]

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3 Steps to a Successful International Digital Marketing Strategy


Sarah Danks | 20 Jul 2015

Aleyda Solis’ 2015 MnSearch Presentation Aleyda is the founder of Orainti, an international SEO and mobile marketing consultancy company. She currently lives in Madrid, Spain, and travels the world speaking at marketing conferences all over the world — in English AND Spanish. Listed in Forbes as one of the Top 10 Online Marketers to Follow in 2015, Aleyda is […]

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How to Tell Compelling Stories with Google Analytics Data


Sarah Danks | 17 Jul 2015

Jeff Sauer’s 2015 MnSearch Summit Presentation Jeff, founder of Jeffalytics, international speaker and digital marketing consultant, says he created his first website as an eighth grader and hasn’t looked back since. Well, I disagree with the last part of that statement — I’d say he looks back a lot. At the analytics history of EVERYTHING, […]

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Podcasting: Is it worth it for your business?


Jenna Redfield | 16 Jul 2015

Podcasting: Is it worth it for your business? “Have you checked out this podcast?” “I’m obsessed with this new podcast I’ve been listening to” “Why aren’t you listening to podcasts?” Sound familiar? To a majority of people, podcasting is something they are increasingly hearing about, but many haven’t ventured into yet. For those in marketing, […]

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Where Rankings Come From (by Ian Lurie of Portent Inc)

Mobile Friendly

Sarah Danks | 14 Jul 2015

Ian Lurie’s 2015 MnSearch Summit Presentation: Technical Issues for SEO — Most Important/Most Ignored Ian was one of the presenter’s at the 2nd annual MnSearch Summit, held in St. Paul at the Rivercentre on June 26, 2015. CEO of Portent, Ian regularly speaks, blogs, Tweets, eats/sleeps/breathes SEO. He connected with fellow SEO nerds in his presentation […]

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5 Content-First Marketing Steps to Jurassic Conversion


Sarah Danks | 13 Jul 2015

Angie Schottmuller’s 2015 MnSearch Summit Presentation This year at the 2015 MnSearch Summit we once again had a stellar lineup of speakers. Last to arrive — but certainly not least — was Angie, a marketing optimization advisor from right here in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. Angie’s entire presentation circled around the Jurassic World movie […]

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