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Is There Such a Thing as Too Many Choices???


Sarah Danks | 28 Jan 2015

Consumers want lots of options… In today’s over-stocked, Best-Buy-or-Amazon world, consumers are used to seeing a myriad of choices of products. In fact, they’re so accostumed to being presented with multiple choices that when they’re not, noses turn up in disdain. “This restaurant only has FIVE kinds of burgers? <scoff> How lame.” …or do they? But, as marketers […]

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10 Tools to Help With Your Content Marketing Strategy

content marketing tools

Kayla Hollatz | 21 Jan 2015

Content marketing has become a trending topic for a reason. It’s not enough to just create content, publish it, and cross your fingers (and toes) that it dazzles readers. Having a content marketing strategy in place is crucial to your brand’s success. Luckily, there are many tools to help in the creative process. Impact’s Blog […]

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Website Architecture: Are You Doing it Correctly?

Mobile Friendly

Sarah Danks | 14 Jan 2015

In this post I’m going to do the following: Define website architecture Outline how a website’s architecture affects SEO Tell you how to best go about creating a solid architecture for any site But before I launch into my diatribe let me clarify something. When I talk about website architecture I’m referring not only to 1) how a […]

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How to Choose Your WordPress Plugins Wisely


Sarah Danks | 09 Jan 2015

If you use WordPress for your website(s), blog(s) or both, you’re probably at least somewhat familiar with the concept of plugins. Plugins are software downloads that enhance the functionality of your website/blog. If you want your site to perform above and beyond the mere WordPress platform, then plugins are your friend. With the right plugins, […]

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Search Engine Query + Ad Copy + Landing Page = Great PPC Experience


Sarah Danks | 31 Dec 2014

…Or Does It? As a consumer looking for products on search engines, I expect to type in a query and get a good SERP with lots of relevant choices. As a marketer it’s my job to make sure the aforementioned happens…well, I can’t do anything about the REST of the SERP, but if I’m serving […]

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Online Marketing: Things That Need to Die in 2015


Kayla Hollatz | 30 Dec 2014

You know those popular digital marketing trends that just make you want to tear your hair out? Yeah, those. We want them gone too. Here are some of the worst trends in our field that need to disappear in the new year. Automatic Direct Messages (Auto DMs) Marketing automation on social media can be off-putting, […]

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Twitter Update: Track Impressions and Engagements in iOS App


Kayla Hollatz | 23 Dec 2014

Social media users sure are happy this holiday season. Twitter just launched a new feature allowing its users to track individual tweet analytics, like impressions and engagements, right in the iOS application. Although there has been no formal statement from Twitter on the change, many of us in the office as well as marketers online […]

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SEO + Designer/Developer = Disaster?


Sarah Danks | 19 Dec 2014

The fight continues between SEOs & designers/developers… This morning I came across a great article by Neil Patel: 10 Things That SEOs & Developers Need to Know in Order to Work Successfully Together (actually, there are only eight things…but regardless, it’s a good list). Not only is this topic relevant because I’m in SEO; I […]

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Twitter Engagement Unmasked: Recap & Questions


Sarah Danks | 18 Dec 2014

Yesterday Eric Enge of Stone Temple, Rand Fishkin of Moz and Neal Schaffer, author of Maximize Your Social, had a discussion on Google+. The topic? The Twitter Engagement Unmasked study by Stone Temple of over 4 million Tweets; and most importantly — how to get more out of Twitter. What I really liked about the […]

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5 TED Talks for Web Designers


Kayla Hollatz | 17 Dec 2014

Since I posted my favorite 5 TED Talks for Digital Marketers earlier this month, I thought it was only natural to make a list for Web Designers since we are as passionate about great web design as we are about online marketing. With TED Talks on design and creativity, you are sure to be inspired by […]

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Weekly Web Workout: Beef Up Those H Tags!


Sarah Danks | 16 Dec 2014

What are H tags? Today I’m going to discuss <h> tags. What are they? Well, for starters, you just read one. <h> tags are also known as H tags, Head tags, Header tags, or, in very simple terms, they’re headlines and sub-heads on a web page. They range in importance from <h1> (the most important) […]

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Push Marketing, Pull Marketing…or Both?


Sarah Danks | 12 Dec 2014

If you own a business, you’re a marketer. Don’t think so? Well, if you’ve told even ONE person about the services/products you offer, then you’ve informed someone about certain benefits and that, my friend, is marketing. And these days it’s not about just marketing, it’s about what kind of marketing you’re doing. Namely, push or […]

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5 Ways Online Marketing is Changing in 2015

Mobile Friendly

Sarah Danks | 11 Dec 2014

Web Marketing Will be Very Different in 2015: What Does That Mean for You? Lots of search marketing experts are opining what changes are coming our way in the new year. In fact, it was the #SEMRushChat topic during yesterday’s fast-and-furious conversation. Technically, it’s anyone’s guess what’ll happen and when, but here are the top five […]

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5 TED Talks for Digital Marketers


Kayla Hollatz | 09 Dec 2014

TED began in 1984 as a conference with speakers presenting in the fields of Technology, Entertainment, and Design. With the Internet being at its height now, the event continues to grow as it addresses all subjects today. Because presentations can be viewed for free online, it’s like attending a conference from the comfort of your […]

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Domain Names: Read ‘Em Before You Buy ‘Em


Sarah Danks | 03 Dec 2014

This topic is anything but new — heck, it’s as old as the invention of websites — but it still warrants a discussion. Namely, how to go about, well, naming your website. What got me thinking about this old topic is the article on tips for choosing a domain name I ran across this morning on Twitter. To recap, […]

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