January 21, 2015 | Kayla Hollatz

Content marketing has become a trending topic for a reason. It’s not enough to just create content, publish it, and cross your fingers (and toes) that it dazzles readers. Having a content marketing strategy in place is crucial to your brand’s success.

Luckily, there are many tools to help in the creative process. Here’s a list of ten we’ve compiled to help you along in your content marketing strategy.

Impact’s Blog Title Generator

impact blog title generator

Have you ever written a knock-out blog post but had no inspiration for an attention-grabbing title? I’ve been there plenty of times. Impact’s Blog Title Generator gives you blog title formulas with fill-in-the-blank solutions for any topic you choose.

You can also “like” a specific blog title to add it to your online notebook for inspiration. It’s free and there’s no sign-up required.




Email marketing is an important piece in the content marketing puzzle. MailChimp allows you to build email lists and create custom email campaigns right in the platform.

You’re also able to A/B split test your subject lines to know what’s performing well with your audience (shown above). We use MailChimp for our newsletters and highly recommend it.


Hemingway App

hemingway app

When it’s not in the budget to hire an editor, use the Hemingway App to seamlessly edit your content. This works for emails, blog posts, anything. Just copy and paste your text into the text box to see your readability score.

The coolest feature is that it highlights key areas in your text that could use improvement. It’s like having your own English teacher!




Content is not all about creation. Many marketers are using curation tools to gather inspiration for creating relevant blog content. Paper.li is a content marketer’s top choice for curation.

When using the tool, it feels like you’re creating your own online newspaper. Check it out!

Expert Recommendations:

There are hundreds of tools to help with your content marketing strategy, but it’s all about finding the right one. We put together an additional round-up of content marketing tools recommended by marketing thought leaders.

What works for the experts may also work for you.



While I started out using Photoshop, Canva has now become my go-to graphics resource. It has predefined dimensions for email, Facebook, Twitter, and more, and a ton of free resources such as font pairings, banners, and icons within the editor.

Plus, I don’t have to wait for hours for it to load up. Canva also keeps all my photos within a dashboard on the home page. It’s definitely one of my favorite new content marketing tools, and I’m sure I could use it for so much more!

Allison Tetreault, Marketing Content Coordinator at AG Salesworks



Hubspot’s Blog Title Generator

hubspot blog topic generator

I’m an avid Hubspot user, so I definitely like their blog topic generator. It lets you put in the key nouns you want to blog around and then generates titles that would work really well. It also helps me think of new ways to approach topics.

Lisa M. Hinz, Founder of LMHinz Marketing




BundlePost does a few things really well:

  • Content curation is incredibly fast once you set it up. You can add RSS feeds, search engine results, and individual articles into your account to build a library of content to pull from.
  • Your own content is easily catalogued into the software, ensuring that you have an up to date list of your own blog posts, guest posts, and any mentions you may have gotten through other peoples’ content. The system organizes these into folders to pull from as you’re scheduling.
  • Integration with Hootsuite and other social media software means you track your metrics accurately through your preferred social media management software.

But, the real reason I love this software is the amount of time it saves me. I honestly save 10-15 hours per week because I don’t have to search for interesting content or mess with manually scheduling all of my automated social media promotion.

It’s freed the time I need to have conversations, build relationships on social media, and research/write better content in the first place!

Anton Rius, Digital Marketing Manager at gothamCulture





Most of the content I write about is geared towards marketers and advertisers or people who are interested in the subjects. Over the years, I’ve built meaningful relationships with a highly relevant audience.

I often find that my best articles ideas come from Twitter chats or content that has been shared within my network. I highly recommend getting connected on Twitter, if you’re not already.

Adam Dince, Director of Earned Media at Deluxe Corp.



Pen and Paper

pen and paper

My favorite content marketing tool is a duo: the oldies, but goodies, that are pen and paper. There’s something so freeing about putting pen to paper. I feel so in tune with my content when crossing out what doesn’t work, doodling around the areas that need to be fleshed out, vehemently underlining key points I want to get across.

When I write with pen and paper, I feel more in tune with what I’m writing. I feel attached.

Mallie Hart,  Marketing Director and Owner of Go Creative Go





Hubspot allows me to track all of my campaigns (social, email, etc) all in one place! They make it so easy to create and track lists too. They provide collaterals and social noise around Content Marketing, making it fun and highly engaging for digital and content marketers. 

I especially love their webinars: informational, fun, and very interactive.

Christine Chen, Marketing Coordinator at Zipcar Philadelphia

What are your favorite content marketing tools? Let us know in the comment section below.



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