August 14, 2015 | Jenna Redfield

Podcasts have had a renaissance recently, as we recently blogged about, and many agencies, startups and businesses have created them to share their knowledge and content with their audiences. During a recent twitter chat, ThinkSEM mentioned listening to podcasts as a way to increase our knowledge about SEO, conversion rate optimization, and PPC and several people asked what the best podcasts were to listen to.

We’ve thought it over and picked out some of our favorites. Here are 13 podcasts that we recommend (in no particular order — you can click the image for the iTunes link).

Landing Page Optimization by Tim Ash (Webmaster Radio)


Tim Ash, CEO of, talks landing pages in this podcast from Webmaster Radio. A great source if your landing pages needs some help with ROI and conversion.

Podcast Episode Examples: “What Constitutes good websites and landing pages” and “Manipulating Attention on landing pages with Oli Gardner”

iTunes Reviews: 5 Stars

The Call To Action Podcast from (Unbounce)


Unbounce launched this podcast earlier this year and we reviewed and discussed the takeaways we found in their first podcast. It’s become one of our favorites, with a multitude of different topics and interviews with experts in the field.

Examples: “Want more leads? Design your landing pages first” and “Why You Shouldn’t Bother A/B Testing (Until You Get This One Thing Straight)”

iTunes Reviews: 4.5 Stars

ConversionCast with Tim Page (Leadpages) 


Leadpages is a local company that has been killing it in terms of conversion and increasing sales. Tim Page interviews guests with examples of how changes and testing helped increase their conversions in massive percentage increases.

Examples: “The Sales Video that Converts: How Leadpages Got 158% More Conversions and 163% more Revenue Per View from the Same Sales Video” and “The 5-Step Funnel LeadPages  Used To Get 35,000 Paying Customers (with Chris Davis)”

iTunes Reviews: 5 Stars

Marketing Experiments

cover170x170 (2)

A great resource of particular CRO testing results, this podcast goes into the nitty-gritty experiments conducted through A/B testing and other methods and shares its results

Examples: “Optimizing PPC Campaigns: Simple Copy changes that increased clickthrough rate by 289% (and more)” and “How Do Website Colors Impact Conversion? New Research Reveals 5 Critical Mistakes Designers Make With Color”

iTunes Reviews: 5 Stars

Conversion Scientist Podcast with Brian Massey


A similar podcast to the one mentioned above, this new podcast has many debates and discussions about current updates to Google and other website optimization areas.

Examples: “What I Learned About Conversion Optimization from a  Dating Profile” and “Get Around Website Blind Spots with Split Testing Software”

iTunes Reviews: 5 Stars

Marketing Optimization w/AlexDesigns 


This podcast is loaded with great content as well as interviews with experts in CRO, including Tim Ash, Ryan Masters and Rand Fishkin.

Examples: “Tips-Retargeting Secret Formula” and “Emotional Intelligence and CRO”

iTunes Reviews: 5 Stars

Crazy Egg Podcast (Crazy Egg)

cover170x170 (1)

Crazy Egg, the leading online source of online eye-tracking and heat map software, gives us the Crazy Egg podcast. Providing tips about ways to convert customers, this podcast discusses why certain types of optimization are necessary.

Examples: “How To Optimize Videos for Better Conversions” and “Why Site Speed Matters to CRO”

iTunes Reviews: Unrated

Responsive Web Design Podcast

Responsive Web Design Podcast

Karen McGrane and Ethan Marcotte talk to different designers and marketers about why they’ve chosen to use Responsive Web Design and how it has increased traffic and referrals.

Examples: “Notre Dame: How do you support mobile users across more than 460 University Sites? Turns Out Responsive Web Design is the Best Answer” and “MTV: A Responsive Redesign of MTV News resulted in a 570 percent increase in referrals from social, nearly tripling their traffic.”

iTunes Reviews: 4.5 Stars

SEO 101 by WebMasterRadio


A great podcast for SEO beginners, they discuss recent updates to Google as well as other tactics to increase your reach through organic growth.

Examples: “Google: Do not ask for links and don’t change links to https” and “Tracking mobilegeddon results; search results shake up”

iTunes Reviews: 4 Stars

SEO Podcast-Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing


Chris and Charles debunk different myths, talk SEO and marketing and give lots of tips and tricks about optimizing your website and converting new customers.

Examples: “4 Things People Don’t Understand about SEO” and “Driving New Search Traffic from your content”

iTunes Reviews: 4.5 Stars

SEJ Podcast-Marketing Nerds (Search Engine Journal)


Search Engine Journal’s Marketing Nerds Podcast have some fantastic interviews with leading SEO and marketing experts, including Ann Handley, Ian Lurie, and Jeff Bullas.

Examples: “#MarketingNerds with Roger Montti: Traditional SEO Versus User Experience by @dantosz” and “Mobile Search and How to Integrate SEO with Nick Wilsdon of Vodafone”

iTunes Reviews: 4.5 Stars

The Art of Paid Traffic with Rick Mulready 


In addition to the common Google Ads, The Art of Paid Traffic discusses newer initiatives into pay-per-click advertising, landing pages and advertising on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Examples: “Anatomy of Killer Landing Pages with Unbounce’s Oli Gardner” and ‘Three Ways to dominate Google Adwords with Ryan Masters”

iTunes Reviews: 5 Stars

Content Warfare by Ryan Hanley 


Although this is more of a content-based podcast, Ryan covers a wide variety of topics, including web design and lead generation.

Examples: “How to generate leads with your corporate blog” and “The Secrets to Effective Website Design w/Chris Langille”

iTunes Reviews: 5 Stars


What are your favorite optimization websites? Let us know in the comments below!




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