April 22, 2014 | Sarah Danks

Today at 11am CST Google AdWords rolled out their slightly-less-than-30-minute announcement of new doings. Along with a gadjillion other search marketers we tuned in to watch, take notes and try to read the myriad of Tweets coming through on the #StepInsideAdWords hashtag.

While there were several new things AdWords mentioned (grouped into Innovative Ads, Insightful Reporting and Intelligent Tools buckets), the one we’re most excited about here at ThinkSEM is the new multi-dimensional data tool.

adwords multi dimensional data tool


Instead of having to export data from the AdWords interface via .csv file in a rather ugly/utilitarian format, we’ll be able to drag-and-drop various data into a magical new pivot table tool.

Have you added the data you want, then change your mind about how you want it to look? No problem – simply choose from the drop-down whether you want a bar graph, pie chart, line graph, etc. Want to add more data after the graph is “done”? No problem…just drag the data item you want from the left-hand side, drop it into the chart. Voila!

Easy-to-create, aesthetically pleasing analytics data. We’re assuming reports from said multi-dimensional data tool will be exportable. Now all we need is a date when we can delve into this awesome analysis tool and get our hands dirty.

Read a nice overview of new AdWords features.



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