May 20, 2015 | Sarah Danks

A One-Day Conversion Rate Optimization Banquet

After reading Larry Kim’s post about the Unbounce Conversion Road Trip: Boston Edition yesterday, I couldn’t help but think that the Chicago Edition is QUITE near. Just a little over two weeks, actually.

food-tortilla-chip-and-tomatillo-salsaI can’t wait to attend this awesome day-long conversion rate optimization (CRO) conference in the Windy City. Because, I can assure you: it’s going to be one helluva repast.

How do I know? Take a look at this agenda, ripe with the industry’s top CRO experts!

Are you waffling about whether or not to travel to Chicago to attend this conference? Well, put down that Eggo because I’m here to convince you: it’s worth the price, the travel and the commitment.

CRO Info You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

It’s “only” a 6-hour-long day, but the Chicago portion of the Conversion Road Trip will be held at the Gene Siskel Film Center. And it’s chock full of CRO goodness — starting off with a nice apéritif by Unbounce’s own Director of Customer Success, Ryan Engley.

food-hash-and-eggsThen, we’ll move on to a yummy 7-course meal with mouth-watering dishes:

  • A look at the 10 commandments of high-converting landing pages
    Oli Gardner
  • Discover how to create content for every stage of the conversion funnel
    Andy Crestodina
  • How colors and physiology affect conversion
    Angie Schottmuller
  • Learn how to write content that converts
    Michael Aagaard
  • Are you leveraging the power of PPC data to the fullest?
    Lance Loveday
  • food-pibil-tacosCRO best practices — awesome or awful?
    Alhan Keser
  • Get smart(er) about creating optimized mobile experiences
    Joel Harvey

And after we’re done digesting all that delectable CRO info, we get to nosh on a second sumptuous dessert — a live PageFights edition!

I’m Not Pudding You On

Well, I’m assuming the “Live Landing Page Smackdown” will be somewhat akin to PageFights — only better because we’ll get to see in person what most only consume via monitor: a few conversion rate optimization experts masticating unwitting landing pages.

chocolate brownie from davannis

If all the episodes of PageFights I’ve witnessed are any indication of how this’ll go down, I’m confident in saying it’ll be a treat to watch Angie, Oli, Michael and David Kadavy tear into these landing pages like Cookie Monster with a batch fresh out of the oven.

And, as if all that saucy fare isn’t enough to tempt you, I can’t forget to mention perhaps the most important part of any meal: the digestif.

That’s right, after all the slop comes the spirits: we’ll be rolling ourselves over to the 10Pin Bowling Lounge to don some ugly shoes and work off some of our gluttony.

Food for Thought

light horse pinot noir wineOkay, okay…so I’ve whetted your appetite and you’re totally on smorgasbord, but there’s one little problem (you think). The price, right? What’s this fancy table d’hôte cost, anyway?

That’s the beauty of it — what you’re GETTING at this one-day conversion conference is a gourmet meal…

…but what you PAY is the price for drive-through grub. Get into this toothsome conference for a mere $299.00. Seriously, you can put it on your own credit card and have the boss pay you back (that’s what I did!), it’s such a minimal expense.

So, get your ticket and pull up a chair to this cuisine…it’s going to buffet you into a whole new realm of conversion rate optimization!


Who else is going to dine with me in Chicago???


…is anyone else hungry right now?




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