June 18, 2014 | Paul Jahn

Yelp recently came out with something slick. For those who don’t like to pick up the phone, consumers can message local businesses directly from their site to ask more in-depth questions that they won’t find on a normal business profile. This certainly benefits Yelp to help people stay on their site while hopefully making a pleasant user experience.

This can work well for any company, including law firms, software entities and restaurants. A local burger favorite in the Twin Cities happens to be the Lion’s Tap. It’s a busy place, they serve up just a few burgers as well as fries, and they’re really good at it. Right on their main Yelp profile, consumers can easily message them as shown here:

yelp lions tap








For a place like this, consumers may want to know if the restaurant takes reservations for big groups or if you need to call ahead for a large order. Yelp even provides an example to help out:

yelp message the business








This all works easily for mobile users, too. Try it for yourself.

yelp lions tape message

This can certainly help for folks searching for local businesses, too. Yelp is really well known for showing up highly for branded terms (i.e. your business name). Giving these folks an extra option to contact you with questions (some people just don’t like picking up the phone) can only help your actual conversions.

If you haven’t yet claimed your Yelp profile, they do provide an easy and free way to do so. It’s one more way to help you and your business get the good word out about you.



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