February 10, 2015 | Kayla Hollatz

It’s no secret we love Twitter chats.

We’ve been actively participating in Twitter chats for months now and have discovered some really informative and interactive weekly discussions along the way.

So why join a Twitter chat?

It’s a chance to:

  • Reach new audiences
  • Build credibility within your field
  • Connect with influencers
  • Build your online community
  • Have real-time conversations with an interested audience


Here is a curated list of online marketing Twitter chats (that occur during the workweek) to which we give a thumbs-up.

(Updated 8/2015: several Twitter chats from the past are no longer currently in operation.)


#SEOtalk – 10 AM CT (except during Daylight savings time; then it’s 11 AM). Focus: SEO. Host: Malhar Barai.

#Linkaratichat – 10 AM CT. Focus: Link Building. Host: Linkarati

#SemanticChat – 11 AM CT. Focus: Semantic search and SEO. Host: Brandon Seymour.

#ContentChat – 2 PM CT. Focus: Content marketing and creation. Host: Jenise Fryatt.

#SBizHour – 3 PM CT. Focus: Social selling. Host: Brian Fanzo and Rachel Miller.



#ContentWritingChat – 10 AM CT. Focus: All things content. Host: Express Writers. (We even got to guest host this chat; we talked about internal linking and SEO.)

#PPCchat – 11 AM CT. Focus: PPC. Host: Matthew Umbro.

#CMWorld – 11 AM CT. Focus: Content marketing. Host: Content Marketing Institute.

#BizHeroes – 1 PM CT. Focus: Social and content curation. Host: Kelly Hungerford.



#SEMrushchat – 10 AM CT. Focus: SEM. Host: SEMrush.

#bufferchat – 11 AM CT. Focus: Social. Host: Buffer.

#CROChat – Monthly at 1 PM CT. Focus: Landing page optimization and PPC. Host: Unbounce.

#SproutChat – 2 PM CT. Focus: Social. Host: Sarah Nagel and Sprout Social.



#holasemrush – 11 AM CT. Focus: un chat en español de SEO y online marketing. Host: SEMrush ES.

#Luv4Social – 1 PM CT. Focus: Social. Host: Teri Kojetin, Jennifer Radke, Kavita Chintapalli, Josh St. Aubin, Marianne Griebler, and Carmella Lanni-Giardina.

#TheStratChat – 2 PM CT. Focus: Social media strategy. Host: Emma Cunningham and Jeseph Meyers.

#OrganikChat – 3 PM CT. Focus: SEO and social. Host: Sam Hosenkamp and Organik SEO.

#MarketingChat – 3 PM CT. Focus: SEM. Host: Experian.



#SocialHangout – 11 PM CT. Focus: Social. Host: Teri Kojetin and Social Hangout.

#CMGRHangout – 1 PM CT. Focus: Community building and social. Host: My Community Manager and various panel guests.


If you’re not very familiar with Twitter chats, or have never participated in one, check out our Twitter chat survival guide to get started.


Do you participate in any of the chats listed above? What other chats would you recommend to digital marketers? Let us know in the comment section below.



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