August 29, 2016 | Kayla Hollatz

Website Design/Development Made Easy

We love great tools and resources to help us along in any aspect of client work — in this case, website development and design — especially when it saves us time (and money)!

Here’s a list of just some of the website resources we use often on our lead generation websites.


Wondering just which colors to use on your website?

Easily create your next color palette with ColorDrop — “the last color palette you’ll ever need.”

Whether you use it to get ideas or you want to use the colors shown, the mind behind all this — Tristan White — makes it very easy. Simply click on the palette you like, and you’ll get a breakdown of each color with both the HEX and RGB codes.

From there, simply “Download palette” and you can either save or open a .txt file with the info you need to add the colors to your website.


CSS3 Generator

Easily generate CSS3 using this great tool!


For those of you not web developer savvy, the CSS3 Generator enables a person to add certain Cascading Style Sheets to any portion of a website.

Here’s how our developer uses it: “I choose a CSS3 style I want, input some numbers and it spits the code out for me.”

Doesn’t get much easier than that.

Google Fonts

You want fonts? You got fonts. Like, lotsa fonts.

Think the type of font you use doesn’t matter? Google’s own description of this resource is, “Making the web more beautiful, fast and open through great typography.”

We personally use Rajdhani and love its clean, easy-to-read style. Plus it’s super-easy to say, too.

What’s your favorite Google Font?

Lorem Ipsum

Sometimes you just need to fill some space. And while there are more fun options, this is the original:

Whenever we’re designing client websites, we always show them the design mock-up with lorem ipsum in place of the real copy, because we want them to focus on one thing at a time.

Just a bit of fun trivia about this ubiquitous filler text: turns out the lorem ipsum dolor text is jumbled Latin taken from Cicero’s “De finibus bonorum et malorum,” written in 45 BC. For those of you who might not remember those years, they came before AD.

Safe to say that


Feel the urge to buy every internet capable device out there to test your responsive design? Us neither. Use BrowserStack instead!

Straight from the horse’s mouth: “Test your website for cross-browser compatibility on real browers.” They even offer a free trial.

Since we design exclusively with responsive web design (RWD), it’s imperative that our clients’ websites work properly on and are accessible across any device and browser.

Subtle Patterns

So many backgrounds from which to choose!

Just because you’ve got your color palette down doesn’t mean you can’t choose a ready-made, easy-to-add website background. Scroll through the hundreds of options, and when you find the one you like, simply download it.

Then install on your website! Boom. Background.


One-stop shopping for “the world’s biggest brands.”


Want to use the exact shade of red on your website as ESPN? Easy.

Or, would you prefer to mimic the entire color palette of Trello? No problem.

Browse through all of the big brands in alphabetical order or look up your favorite company in the search box. Then rollover each color for the HEX number.

Have fun!

More Web Tools

Of course, there are a myriad of other website resources out there that’re helping web designers and developers right this minute, but these are just a few of our favorites that we love and use often.

What’re some of your favorite tools?



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