April 3, 2015 | Sarah Danks

Recently we’ve acquired some new clientele in a special niche: insurance.

This particular insurance agency — located in North Carolina — came to us as a referral. They wanted an updated logo, new look and feel for their website, and increased performance (more leads).

Here’s what their site looked like before our re-design (home page):


Working in tandem with the agency and their writer, we delivered a design (and functionality) they love. We also upgraded their website to a responsive web design (our standard practice for the past three+ years and — of course — moving forward), making it mobile-friendly.


Here’s their new web design (home page):


What we changed…

As you can see within the footer of their site, we added Google Maps for their locations, making it easier-at-a-glance to find — and contact — their offices.

On the old design, the quote form on top of the page looked like it was an instant quote — visitors filled in their zip code and clicked the button…

…but instead of an instant quote they got sent to another page, with another form to fill out. It was a tad misleading.

In the redesign we streamlined that process so visitors only have to click “Request Your Quote” once. Users can quickly and easily fill out the requisite information, including selecting their insurance type in the dropdown:


We include the quote form on all internal pages, so visitors never have to hunt around for the next step.



And, of course, with the responsive web design we gave them, their site is accessible on all devices, and not only that — it offers a great UX for all devices (desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets).


We only build responsive/adaptive websites, but in this case it was important to the client, as nearly 25% of their traffic comes from smartphones and tablets. Our goal with going mobile-friendly here was to increase time on site, drastically reduce bounce rate and increase conversions for their mobile users.

While we’re pleased with the new design, it doesn’t matter what we think…

…the clients are thrilled with their new web presence, and that’s a job well done!




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