July 10, 2014 | Paul Jahn

Jessica Lee with Search Engine Watch writes a compelling article regarding Google tending to index specific tweets from influential people more often. It provides some good examples on how accounts with high followers with an even higher amount of links can be indexed more.

This brings me to think about people I trust, similarly to our blog post regarding which reviews to trust. As a consumer, I search for people I trust for recommendations all the time (Don’t you?). It just so happens that Twitter often comes towards the top for personal name searches just like Yelp does for business name searches.

Let’s take Aaron Weiche from SpyderTrap and Patrick Schaber from Intertech for example. I absolutely trust these two guys as we would get together and talk shop before the Twitterz even came out. Our primary online conversations were leaving comments on our respective regular blogs. Here are the top results when you search for their names:

Aaron Weiche







Patrick Schaber







Example of why name searches with a Twitter result up top are important: When Twitter came into fruition, Aaron would often tweet about his town of Buffalo in very high regard. So, during the 2010 holiday season I decided to do all my shopping there. A place called Buffalo Nickel Antiques was a pleasant enough experience that I even gave them a Google review:

Buffalo Nickel







And then Aaron bought me lunch. But I digress.

Back to Twitter and Google. Search for your favorite people who happen to be active on Twitter and there’s a good chance they’ll be right towards the top. This could be search industry leaders like Danny Sullivan and Rand Fishkin, or your favorite sport or political figures.

Then, think of things you’ve seen them promote whether it’s brands, causes or organizations. If I follow and trust someone who promotes a brand in real time on a place like Twitter, there’s much more of a chance that brand is going to win me over.

How about you? Do you Google names of people to see their Twitter profile? And what businesses have you visited because of folks you trust online?

Let us know in the comments.



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