July 15, 2014 | Paul Jahn

Not to be outdone by Apple (we previously wrote about their mobile maps upgrade), Google Maps has stepped up its game. Greg Sterling wrote a compelling article regarding Google making maps apps more competitive with Yelp for iPhones and iPads. Here is what a few folks have to say about the new app:

Google reviews









They have a newer mobile filter feature. Check it out:

filter 2








I do like the opportunity to see results based on trusted Google+ connections. Plus, the immediate ability to see 4-star reviews is compelling. It’s really nice to see these with just one extra tap on your mobile device.

As Greg mentions, Google Maps is the 6th most popular/widely used app in the U.S… and according to the data, the most popular map app.

For local, a pizza result shows Pizzeria Lola on top, which was even featured in a Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives episode with Guy Fieri. Very tasty, by the way.

pizza 2











A search for groceries turned up nearby results. The NE Mpls Lunds happens to be very popular and engaging, and I’m not surprised they come up on top.

groceries 2











It was certainly nice to see our legal marketing company ThinkLegal at the top for a search for marketing in Roseville, MN. Google has the map spot on as well. The 2nd listing is an embroidery shop. Not sure what that has to do with marketing though:

think legal 3










Google Maps even made driving directions more user-friendly. This is a great feature. Here are a couple options as I type this from our Roseville office looking for the downtown Minneapolis Hyatt:

hotel 1










Also, if you use Gmail for reservations and events, you can even view them right on the map.

As Greg states:

“All of these changes aim to make Google Maps a more useful local search and nearby discovery tool, not simply a way to get directions and navigation from A to B.”

Do you have favorite features that you like to use Google Maps for? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.



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