February 3, 2015 | Kayla Hollatz

We tend to fan-girl over Unbounce a lot in our office but for good reason!

They recently launched the Call to Action podcast on iTunes, and we already can’t get enough of their conversion rate optimization (CRO) tips and tricks. The first guest featured on the show was Elizabeth Marsten, Vice President of Search Marketing at Portent Inc.

Here are some key takeaways we found in the first episode.

What Online Dating Can Teach You About PPC Campaigns


Message Match

We’re so happy the first CTA podcast episode featured a short clip from Oli Gardner, the resident landing page king behind Unbounce. He unpacked the buzz word “message match,” defining that it is “a measure of how well your landing page copy matches the phrasing of the ad or link that brought the visitor to the landing page.” When visitors click on a headline with strong message match, they know where they are and why they are there, leading them to trust the PPC ad and convert.

Oli also points out that “Google places a lot of value on a good experience.” If your visitors are continually hitting the back button, they aren’t responding well to your ad and Google takes note of that. If they are interacting with the ad, you’re giving your visitors a good user experience and a positive signal is sent to Google.

Where is your traffic being sent to?

Elizabeth started her segment by highlighting how many businesses still aren’t driving their PPC traffic to dedicated landing pages. This leads to confused visitors that are more likely to hit the back button than convert. Visitors don’t want to search for an answer. The ad copy must be clear and concise.

What about PPC budget?

The podcast highlighted this excerpt from Elizabeth’s popular blog post on Unbounce:

“You could have the most wonderful landing page in the universe, but if your first date budget is for McDonald’s, don’t expect a Nobu restaurant-like response.”

Her point is that with PPC campaigns, you have to pay to play. You must be strategic about your budget and set realistic expectations for your campaign. Look at the habits and behaviors of your visitors to signal where and when you should be stretching (or shrinking) your budget.

Where does online dating come in?

Elizabeth talked about how she met her husband on Match.com and when she first met him in person, she immediately noted how different he looked from his profile picture (clean shaven vs. full beard). She considered this a “message mismatch.” She was startled and pretty confused. Most visitors on your landing page who feel the same way won’t stick around to hear an explanation for the mismatch. They’ve already hit the back button.

Make a good first impression with your landing page with message match. Take a deeper look at your landing page’s user experience to help with CRO.

Final Words

When asked what final thoughts Elizabeth could give listeners, she said:

“Always test, always compare, and repeat. We always sum it up around here as science. Test it, go!”

cta podcast

Also, Unbounce is giving away some prizes for podcast listeners who leave rate the podcast and give it a review. Sweet! Learn more about this giveaway.


What did you think of Unbounce’s first CTA podcast episode? Will you become a regular listener? Let us know in the comment section below.




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