May 14, 2015 | Sarah Danks

The world as we know it is gone…

…or is it?

As it turns out, life does indeed go on after “Mobilegeddon.” You know, the uber-hyped prediction that the entire mobile search experience would implode upon the rollout of Google’s mobile-friendly ranking factor.

Yes, I realize I even wrote a couple of posts about how Google was requiring sites be responsive and if you weren’t mobile-friendly by April 21st — beware the apocalyptic repercussions!

But in my defense, it does make a search marketer sit up and take notice when Google tells you, “this algorithm change will affect more websites than Panda and Penguin.

That being said, we’re almost a month past the ill-fated April 21st rollout date, and we’ve yet to hear anything but whispers about the effects of the ranking factor change…

…which is somewhat anticlimactic after the major hype in the months/days leading up to April 21st.

Evidently about a week after the change some big-name websites were affected: it seems, and were the biggest losers, while others such as, and actually benefited.

Why is Google still showing sites that aren’t mobile-friendly?

The entire point of Mobilegeddon was that Google was going to start showing favor to mobile-friendly websites in mobile SERPs. It stands to reason if the mobile-friendly versions would perform better, then the non-mobile-friendly sites would suffer…

…but from what we’ve seen on our own mobile devices, that’s not the case. In fact, Google’s still happily showing sites that are NOT mobile-friendly on the first page of mobile SERPs.

Search for “pizza delivery roseville mn:”

mobile search for pizza delivery shows non mobile friendly sites

Search for “apple store locations:”

mobile search for apple store locations returns non-mobile-friendly results

Search for “maid service minneapolis:”

mobile search for maid services shows non mobile friendly site

All the let-down and lack of mass hysteria has led us to believe an inkling that tickled at the backs of our brains from the get-go:

Was this a ploy by Google to get us on board with responsive web design?

Google says they recommend using responsive web design; are they attempting to not-so-gently nudge everyone into line and design websites they way THEY want them to be designed?

It’s an interesting thought — but not quite backed up by data (yet), since their long-term warning to be mobile-friendly only resulted in a small increase in mobile-friendly websites across the index.


So…what do YOU think all the Mobilegeddon hype was all about?



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