April 15, 2014 | Sarah Danks

Ran across an article the other week, “Why should your SEM agency manage your Social campaigns?”

After cringing slightly, I opened the link and read on — what they’re suggesting is that the same agency handle both PPC campaigns and paid social campaigns.

While I do agree with that (for all the reasons listed in the article), I don’t believe that SEMs, SEOs, or any other type of marketing agency be in charge of someone else’s social media POSTS.

I.e., don’t hire a marketing firm or an ad agency to Tweet for you. To post your status on Facebook. To write LinkedIn updates.


While we search marketers want to have our hands on all paid advertising — so as to properly track, monitor, improve and report back to you on every little action any visitor takes — what we don’t want is to pretend to be you on a daily/weekly basis.

It’s not feasible that someone not seated in your actual company will know the day-to-day goings-on that an employee does. Besides, like Jay Walter says in his article Never Hire Someone to Do Social Media For You,


“You can’t hire someone to be you better than you can be you.”

No offense! But there’s no “secret recipe” for being successful on social media. Wait, hang on. There is. It’s called DIY Social Media. As in, Do It Yourself.

That’s the only way to properly “do social media.”

So, all you businesses out there, please, do me a favor. Do NOT hire a “social medial company” to be your voice out there.

Do you want some random person in charge of your online reputation?



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