March 2, 2017 | Sarah Danks

High-Quality, Responsive Lead Generation Designs

Here at ThinkSEM we pride ourselves on offering our clients a couple of things: effective pay-per-click marketing and conversion-focused web design.

We also like to think we make things pretty easy on our clients. As a business owner researching your perfect web presence, designing a new website shouldn’t be a battle. Whether we’re starting from scratch or re-designing an existing website, we want the process to be as simple as possible for you.

In regards to website design and development, we basically have two types of clientele: those who need a fairly large, complex, customized website we build from the ground up, and those that want a straightforward, smaller web presence that’s a bit more cost-effective.

As you may know, we design solely using the WordPress platform because it’s the CMS that best fits our clients’ — and our own — online needs.

WordPress Themes — Custom to Your Brand

To that end, we’ve been working behind the scenes for the past couple of years to build a product that can work for pretty much any small business client: customizable WordPress themes.

Just like all the rest of our websites, these themes are fully responsive, lead-generation focused and — naturally — high quality.

You won’t find themes like these on any of the online theme farms! I mean, sure, you can find lots of really pretty designs on those types of sites, but those themes aren’t built with the sole purpose of driving qualified leads.

So, whether you’ve already got a website and it needs a facelift, or you’re new to online marketing, getting a new web design can be as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Choose a theme you like.
  2. Pick your plan and any add-ons you need.
  3. Contact us to put it all together for you!

That’s pretty much the definition of “Keep it simple,” right?

Choose Your Website Plan

Along with the twelve existing themes we are currently offering, you can choose between two website plans for all the additional elements that make an effective website, well, effective.

Start-Up Plan

After you decide which responsive theme to use on your new website, the rest falls into place with our straightforward setup strategy.

With the Start-Up plan, you receive the theme of your choice, and the following services applied to (up to) 15 web pages:

  • Brand customization
  • Search engine optimization
  • Google Analytics setup
  • WordPress-specific hosting
  • Standard web support (3-5 days for completion of requests)
  • Continued hosting/support after the first year for $149.00 per month

After the first year, continued web support and hosting services will be charged at $149.00 per month.

Don’t worry about starting out here with the Start-Up Plan if you think you’ll need to expand a few years down the road — the way we build out websites, it’s easy to add pages (or, in some cases even entire sections) to a website further down the line if needed.

Business Plan

For slightly larger companies that need more content, we offer the Business Plan. It includes a responsively designed theme and the following services applied to (up to) 40 web pages:

  • Customized branding
  • SEO
  • Google Analytics setup
  • WordPress managed hosting environment
  • Premium web support (1-2 days for completion of requests)
  • Continued hosting/support after the first year for $149.00 per month
  • Option to update your theme for free every two years with initial 2-year commitment

Websites are like any other form of online marketing — they’re a process, not an event. You don’t build a website, then never change anything on it ever again.

The Business Plan is great because we build in the option of updating your look and feel every two years — something we do and encourage all website owners to consider. Keeping your site design “fresh” ensures it always looks its best and is up to date.

And, with either of our website plans, of course you can choose from any of our additional marketing services:

  • Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing
  • Custom landing pages
  • Performance optimization
  • Ongoing SEO services
  • Local search
  • Content tailored to your brand

While these strategies aren’t necessary, they all work together to build on the strong web presence we’ll build you and enhance your lead generation.

Get Started with a Custom Theme

Our web themes have been designed with the knowledge gleaned from building custom, responsive, lead generation-based websites for a myriad of clients over the years. Of the clients we have who’ve chosen Themes Plus for their websites, all were not only pleased with their new websites, they were shocked at how quick the turn-around time was in getting their theme customized and live.

Whether you’re a brand-new start-up looking to purchase your first website, or you’re a been-there-done-that business looking for a better way to attract qualified leads online, we’ve got you covered with our theme solutions.

So, head over to our Themes Plus section, choose your theme and call us up to get started. We’d love to make web design easy for you!



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