October 30, 2015 | Sarah Danks

It all boils down to appreciation…

Just for a second, let’s take a walk down memory lane. When I was in high school I worked at a gas station. It was easy work, and I had wonderful co-workers, but what impressed me most was my manager.

Every once in a while he’d tell me, “today when people come in and they’re just getting coffee, give it to them for free.”

The first time he told me that I was puzzled — albeit pleased — and I asked him, “Why give away something for free?” His reason was simple: customer appreciation.

Even though it was at the behest of my boss, when I gave away coffee at no charge, I’d get all warm and fuzzy inside — you should’ve seen the looks on people’s faces! They were surprised and ultimately so thankful…

…for something as simple as a cup of joe.

It was my absolute favorite aspect of that job.

Well, it seems I’ve come full circle because my bosses here at ThinkSEM are excited to begin a new chapter: we’ll be offering a prize to one lucky business each quarter, starting in January 2016. In a flash of brilliance, we’ve dubbed this endeavor ThinkRewards.

This has been in the works for a while now, but I’m pleased to be announcing this just in time for Halloween — no tricks; just treats!


Here’s the deal:

Every three months we’ll choose one of our services to give away to one lucky business. To be eligible, you need to be a subscriber to our newsletter, and comment on the blog post that talks about that quarter’s offer.

Some of the services we’ll be giving away as prizes will include:

Each time there’s a new offer, I’ll be blogging about it — what’s entailed, details, etc. — and sending out that post into the social media hemisphere (via our Twitter account, Google+ and the like).

Again, to be eligible to win the prize, you need to subscribe to our newsletter AND comment on the notification blog post. What to comment, you ponder?

Well, we’ll make it easy on you — simply tell us why you need the service we’re offering.


<drumroll, please>

And, with all that said, here’s the very first quarterly prize we’re giving away: In January 2016 we’ll be giving a free website audit to one business.

Obviously you have a website, but are you sure how it measures up? Learn what’s working — and what isn’t — within our step-by-step report. It’s basically a discovery document; we research all aspects to determine the current state of your website.

Some of the items we examine during our audit process are:

  • Design & UX (information architecture, branding, usability)
  • Cross-device functionality (how does the site work on desktops/laptops/tablets/phones)
  • Technical issues (crawling, redirects, site speed, analytics)
  • On- & off-page optimization (SEO factors)
  • Local & social engagement (local search and social media presence)
  • Competitive analyses (quick comparison of your competitors’ websites)

After we’ve analyzed your web presence, our findings will be compiled into an easily navigable web page. We’ll email you the link, then we’ll set up an hour-long consultation to discuss the audit.

So that’s our complimentary cup of coffee for you…

…your Halloween treat, courtesy of all of us here at ThinkSEM.

To enter to win this web presence analysis:

  1. leave a comment below outlining why you think you need this web audit, and
  2. sign up for our monthly newsletter (if you haven’t already).

We promise we only send one newsletter per month, wherein we talk about the goings-on in the industry, digital marketing tips and tricks, and — moving forward — our quarterly offers.

I can’t lie…

…I’m really looking forward to reading people’s comments. Bonus points for puns and general hilarity (again, we’re right smack dab in the middle of Halloween season)!



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