December 18, 2014 | Sarah Danks

Yesterday Eric Enge of Stone Temple, Rand Fishkin of Moz and Neal Schaffer, author of Maximize Your Social, had a discussion on Google+. The topic? The Twitter Engagement Unmasked study by Stone Temple of over 4 million Tweets; and most importantly — how to get more out of Twitter.

What I really liked about the discussion was how they were discussing data from a massive study — it’s not as if we’re talking about a mere 1,000 Tweets here!

These three marketing experts had a lot of advice and tips for people to get more engagement on Twitter, but here are a few of my favorite takeaways:

  1. Including imagery in your Tweets increases the likelihood of receiving retweets
  2. Time of day has no impact on likelihood of engagement.
  3. When Twitter is most active, it’s hard to stand out among the crowd…if you Tweet late at night/in the wee hours of the morning, your followers will see you when they get up/get to work in the morning and scroll back through their feed.
  4. Likelihood of getting a RT increases the longer your original Tweet is.
  5. Receiving one mention (only) reduces the likelihood of getting a retweet.

And, my very favorite quote of the video:

“Twitter would be unusable if you received the same number of replies/RTs as favorites.”

Here also are a few questions/talking points I have:

  • Rand said he did an experiment wherein he Tweeted multiple images right in a row (to measure whether images got more engagement). Instead of RTs, he said he got un-followed by quite a few of his followers! My question is this: did he get un-followed merely because he posted so many images in a row, OR did he get un-followed because he’s not a prolific Tweeter in the first place, so his followers aren’t used to seeing him “spam” the Twitter waves with so many Tweets in a row?
  • It was mentioned that people engage more with visual content, but as soon as every Tweet becomes an image, then imagery becomes less important. Is this because the same TYPES of images are being used, or is this the time to REALLY stand out on Twitter by ensuring images used are unique?
  • So we know that when Twitter’s busiest, it’s hard to stand out. So if we Tweet when not as many people are online (e.g., late at night), then our followers will see our Tweets the next morning…but, if they’re scrolling back throughout their feeds it doesn’t matter what “time” a Tweet came through, it’s still sitting amongst a myriad of Tweets, because surely you’re not the only one Tweeting at odd hours?
  • We all know RTs are more “important” than favorites. But what about “mere” retweets, with nothing else added? I.e., I see a Tweet, and I merely hit “Retweet” on Twitter (i.e., no message added), or I choose not to add a comment (let’s say there’s ample character space to do so). Is that type of RT as powerful as those to which a personal message is added?

There was much more discussed but these were just a few of the things I made note of while watching. You can watch the entire discussion here:



What questions or takeaways do you have?



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