July 29, 2016 | Sarah Danks

If you’re a pay-per-click (PPC) marketer you should be adept at using AdWords Editor. Why?

Because, my friend, time is money. And time spent — or, wasted — on tasks that should take mere seconds is going to add up quickly in the client’s (and your) checkbook.

Enter AdWords Editor.

I myself have only ever built out one AdWords account in the AdWords platform. I can’t imagine having to stumble my way through that experience ever again, even with the advances in the AdWords UI.

While there are some things that can only be done (as of the writing of this post) in the AdWords interface (I’m looking at you, ad extensions and radius targeting), there shouldn’t ever be a time when a PPC manager doesn’t use Editor to build out and manage PPC campaigns.

Okay. So what’s the big advantage of using Editor vs. the AdWords interface? Well, there are actually many valid and time-saving reasons:

  1. Bulk edits are done at lightspeed.
  2. Broad match modified that’s as easy as 1-2-3.
  3. Copy/paste. As in, entire campaigns.
  4. Search and replace text. In mass quantities, if need be.
  5.  Easy export. You can export the entire account for client review (before it’s live).
  6. Work offline, then upload entire campaign’s changes all at once…when you’re ready. You know, after the client’s seen it ’cause you can export it.

Am I saying you shouldn’t manage anything in the AdWords platform? No, not at all. If you’re just going in to tweak a few things here and there, go for it.

But if you’re managing — or more importantly, building out — a large PPC campaign, you are certainly wasting time if you’re not using AdWords Editor. It’s a free download, so please, if you’re not using it, start now.

Of course, some people think that AdWords Editor is dying, but I’m not buying it. The speed and ease of managing bulk changes in AdWords Editor is just too good a thing to get rid of…

…sure, Google might lag a bit with adding features into AdWords Editor, but the sheer speed at which PPC accounts can be created within this software makes up for that.

We look at it this way: why use old, antiquated tools (read: AdWords UI) that take a longer timeframe to complete, versus a fast tool (AKA AdWords Editor) that’ll get the job done quickly — thus saving you money???



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