June 25, 2014 | Paul Jahn

They call it duplicate suppression. It’s a new term to me but certainly relevant. There are many reasons why local businesses have duplicate listings on the web — i.e., Google Maps, YellowPages, Yelp, and other local/social portals — and just as many reasons why you don’t want them to be duplicated.

Over-aggressive local SEO is often the culprit for duplicates, whether the work is done from freelancers or big-box companies. In other cases, it’s simply from having incorrect data for local aggregators.

This certainly has an impact for your local search results. As David Mihm points out:

If the information is different enough from the correct listing, search engines might think it’s a different business—or they might even feel that the wrong information appears so many times in the other places from which they get their data that the info might actually be “right.”

Yext’s new service certainly has potential. It’s a slick way to streamline the process of removing duplicate listings as shown on their demo signup page:

remove duplicate listing from showmelocal










Having duplicate listings has been a common problem for local business owners, particularly in Google. However, they have certainly improved. Here’s our listing that now correctly shows us in our Roseville office:

thinksem consulting on google map






Here’s an example of just a few branded searches. These happen to be correct, although this isn’t the case for all businesses:

thinksem consulting












Yext claims to have duplicate suppression for 45 different publishers. That’s impressive. If you have any questions regarding your business’ local listings, feel free to contact us and we’ll give you the rundown on multiple solutions.




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