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Lawyers need a steady stream of qualified new leads in order to succeed. They also need to minimize the amount of time and money they spend acquiring new clients.

The Internet marketing professionals at ThinkSEM are experienced in helping law firms grow and thrive. We take an intelligent approach to legal marketing. Our decisions are based on data and informed by years of experience and success in digital marketing for attorneys.


“We help attorneys spend more time practicing law and signing up qualified prospects, and less time following up low-quality leads.” — Clint Danks

All the Services You Need

We use the Internet to generate qualified leads so you can convert online visitors into paying clients. We offer attorneys a full range of internet marketing services designed to optimize your web presence and build your law practice. Call us today to discuss:

Success by the Numbers

Our team is focused entirely on achieving results for lawyers and law firms in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible. Can you answer these questions? If you were our client, you could… and you’d likely be pleased with the answers and trends.

  • What is your overall conversion rate?
  • How much do you pay for every new lead?
  • How many of those leads convert into clients?
  • What is your return on investment in online marketing?

We Know the Internet the Way You Know the Law

Legal services is one of the most competitive industries vying for attention of potential clients online. Google and other search engines have become increasingly sophisticated in recent years. Ranking well for competitive keywords is more challenging. Practices that once benefited legal websites today may no longer be effective or even result in your site being penalized.

In short, to succeed in today’s online environment requires specialized knowledge and a sophisticated approach to online marketing. At ThinkSEM, we know online attorney marketing the way you know the law — in depth. We see the big picture and appreciate the fine details. We understand the nuances that can affect your results. We position you for success by using proven techniques, not the latest trick.

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From our offices in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, ThinkSEM’s online marketing experts provide digital marketing services to law firms in Minnesota and throughout the U.S.