Online Marketing for Moving Companies

Many moving companies consider a website a necessary cost of doing business — like fleet maintenance. At ThinkSEM, we know that a website can be a lead-generation tool. Our work can pay for itself by the new business it creates.

How People Pick a Moving Company

Today, people who need a mover turn to the internet. When potential customers search the internet for a mover in your area:

  • Will they find your moving company?
  • Will they visit your website or landing page?
  • Will they like what they see?
  • Will they contact you?

If your website isn’t properly designed and optimized, you can lose potential customers at each step. ThinkSEM can drive more traffic to your website or landing page. More important, we can turn online visitors into qualified leads.

Online Marketing Services for Movers

We provide online marketing services to local, regional and long-distance movers. Our moving company clients serve all kinds of customers, including:

  • Homeowners
  • Apartment dwellers
  • Businesses
  • Senior citizens

Our online marketing services for movers include:

  • Conversion-oriented website design: We create websites with one goal in mind: performance. Our websites are designed to convert online visitors into solid business leads. You can select a custom-designed website, built from the ground up to your specifications. Or try our Themes Plus option. You choose a pre-made design, and we’ll customize it for you. All ThinkSEM websites look good and perform brilliantly on any device.
  • PPC advertising: Boost traffic and generate more leads with a pay-per-click advertising (PPC) program. PPC advertising can be highly effective, but it is notoriously difficult to design an effective campaign. Do-it-yourselfers end up wasting a lot of time and money. PPC advertising is a core strength of ThinkSEM. Since 2007, we’ve created and managed programs that get results for clients. We are a Google AdWords Premier Partner and a Bing Ads-Accredited Professional. Let us handle your PPC program so that you can focus on what you do best. Interested in learning what PPC can do for you? Request a free consultation or audit of your existing accounts.
  • SEO: Little things mean a lot. Search engine optimization means getting hundreds of little things right. When handled correctly, SEO can increase the visibility of your business online. Our SEO services include site architecture changes, keyword research and implementation, local search, link building and search-optimized custom content.
  • CRO: Conversion rate optimization means fine-tuning a landing page to generate more leads. First we create two or more campaign landing pages. Next, we test their effectiveness with real internet traffic. The best performing option is used in your PPC campaign. We may test headlines, photos, colors, calls to action and other design elements. CRO is a data-driven approach to achieving peak performance.
  • Reporting and Analytics: We set up reports and interpret relevant data. You’ll easily understand the results and trends that are meaningful to you.

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