PPC Audits Provide the Data and Analysis You Need

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can be an effective marketing tool. It is also extremely complex. The PPC experts at ThinkSEM offer two types of PPC audits to help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your current program. Our goal is to provide you with solid data and clear interpretation so that you can make informed decisions about PPC advertising.

Free PPC Audit

Our free PPC audit gives you information about your pay-per-click accounts. We will look at account structure, keywords, ads, tracking, performance and more. We don’t just give you a data dump. We provide clear descriptions of each category and explain why the data are important to your overall PPC program. These audits usually result in a four-to-five page summary of our findings. The free PPC audit covers two platforms, AdWords and/or Bing Ads.

Paid PPC Audit

When a summary of existing accounts is not enough, we provide an in-depth audit that includes a complete SWOT analysis of your online marketing efforts.  We will summarize your existing efforts, noting the program’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. In addition, we will recommend further steps to help you achieve your business goals. Recommendations will build on your past successes and provide new opportunities to explore.

Whether your goal is to increase conversion rates, lower cost-per-conversion or focus on any other metric, you can rely on the PPC experts at ThinkSEM. Our agency has more than a decade of experience in PPC advertising. We are proud of our certification as a Google Premier Partner and Bing Ads-Accredited Professional.

Request an Audit

An audit is the first step in the process for all of our PPC advertising clients. There is no risk and no obligation. Why not request an audit with ThinkSEM today? Just complete and submit the form on this page.

From offices in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, ThinkSEM provides pay-per-click advertising services to clients throughout Minnesota and across the nation.