Custom Pay-Per-Click Solutions Benefit Diverse Types of Businesses

When designed and executed correctly, pay-per-click advertising can benefit a wide range of clients. The trouble is, many organizations do not have the time, staff or experience to manage a PPC campaign successfully.

The PPC advertising experts at ThinkSEM put the power of PPC to work on your behalf, while freeing you to focus on your business. We always work to minimize cost per click while maximizing your return on investment.

Whom We Help

ThinkSEM provides effective PPC services to clients of all types and sizes. Our clients range from Fortune 500 businesses to sole proprietorships. We work with professional services firms, eCommerce companies, public and privately held companies, nonprofits and government entities. Our clients include:

  • Law firms: Business-to-business and business-to-consumer law firms of all sizes benefit from the depth of our experience in the legal market.
  • Insurance agencies: A preferred vendor, ThinkSEM is experienced in generating new leads for all types of insurance agents, brokers and agencies.
  • Franchises: Franchisees and franchisors across the country rely on our PPC services to generate leads, build brand recognition and retain loyal customers.
  • Beauty Salons: Creative marketing services for independent salons and large, national salon chains.
  • Manufacturers: We help manufacturing clients generate leads in the business, industrial or consumer sector.
  • Medical and dental practices: Doctors, dentists, chiropractics, clinics and other medical professionals rely on us to reach potential patients who are searching for their services online.
  • Education: PPC advertising helps colleges, universities and private schools reach potential students and achieve their admission goals.
  • Hair and beauty salons: Promotional and appointment setting strategies to help salons increase in-store visits.
  • Nonprofit organizations: Whether you want to increase attendance, financial support or name recognition, you can achieve your goal with an expertly crafted PPC program. ThinkSEM can help you can take advantage of the Google Grants program for non-profits.
  • General contractors and subcontractors: PPC advertising can generate leads and referrals for painters, carpenters, plumbers, roofers, landscapers and more.
  • Architecture firms: PPC can drive traffic, build awareness and generate leads from your B2B or B2C market.
  • Engineering firms: Engineers appreciate our data-driven approach to online marketing. We can target your market and generate leads for mechanical, electrical, environmental, architectural, chemical, software or another type of engineering company.
  • CPA and accounting firms: Solo accountants, mid-sized firms and large accounting companies have different needs and goals. We design PPC programs to fit to your specific requirements.
  • Financial services: From mortgage companies to investment planners to banks and credit unions, financial services businesses need a steady stream of qualified leads. PPC marketing can help you obtain them.
  • Management consultants: Your PPC advertising campaign should not only generate leads, but also reflect the quality of the services you offer. Our work will reflect well on you.
  • Advertising agencies: We partner with advertising and online marketing agencies to provide PPC services as a consultant, a third-party agency or as the digital marketing arm of your organization.

How We Help

The process starts with information gathering. We audit your current PPC accounts and ask about your business goals and target market. We analyze the results and develop a PPC strategy to meet your goals.

Our multi-platform capability allows us to balance ad spend and traffic volume. We are a Google Premier Partner and a Bing Ads-Accredited Professional. We also use Facebook and LinkedIn generate leads at a reasonable cost.

Request an Audit

Interested in learning how our PPC services can benefit your business? Request a PPC audit today.

From offices in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, ThinkSEM offers PPC services to clients throughout Minnesota and across the nation.