Divide and Conquer with Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA)

No two prospects are exactly alike, but groups of users have similar needs. Google Ads Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA) allows you to address the concerns of various audience segments based on their past behavior.

The results can be impressive from both a cost and conversion perspective.

RLSA is very effective at increasing CTR and conversion rates. It can reduce cost per click significantly. – Clint Danks

Another attractive feature? RLSA strategies are less intrusive than display ad remarketing. People often do not realize they are the target of a remarketing campaign, especially if the message is directed correctly.

Experienced, Effective RLSA Management Services

The Google Ads management experts at ThinkSEM help clients improve click through rate, conversion rate and overall return on investment through effective RLSA campaigns. Whether you want to generate leads, sales or customer loyalty, you can rely on our experience and long record of success. We are proud to be a Google Premier Partner with more than a decade of experience in PPC marketing services.

Our process always starts with an audit of your current pay-per-click accounts. We listen to your business goals and develop a strategy to achieve them.

Segment Your Audience. Speak to Their Needs.

Every program is custom tailored to your individual circumstances, market segments and objectives. We may recommend that you segment your audience by the product they looked at, or actions they did not take on your website.

Following is one approach to an audience segmentation and messaging.

  1. Repeat customers who always order from you. You can skip the informational marketing for these customers. Instead, keep your name in front of them to reinforce their loyalty to your brand.
  2. Prospects who are familiar with you but are not yet customers. A free trial, a coupon, a testimonial or other message may encourage these prospects to give your brand a try.
  3. Prospects who have never been exposed to your messaging. These visitors will take more convincing. Messaging must inform as well as persuade them to take action.

Expand Your Lists Cost Effectively

A key to success in RLSA campaigns is to expand your audience lists continuously. We help clients increase RLSA list size through cost-effective PPC advertising campaigns in Facebook and LinkedIn and organic search.

RLSA advertising is not appropriate for every client. High traffic volumes are required for the strategy to be cost effective. To learn whether an RLSA is right for your organization, request an audit of your existing AdWords accounts. We think you’ll agree with our RLSA clients who say the smart money is on ThinkSEM.

Located in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, ThinkSEM provides RLSA and other Google Ads management services to clients throughout Minnesota and across the nation.