Remarketing to Highly Qualified Prospects

Remarketing is the digital version of a time-tested sales technique: Follow up with those who have shown interest in your product, service or message.

Not all visitors are ready to buy the first time they visit your website or see your ad. People who have previously expressed interest are far more likely to convert. Remarketing allows you to keep your brand in front of these important prospects. You can entice prior visitors to convert by tailoring your message to their individual interests and needs.

Remarket to Important Prospects

At ThinkSEM, we develop highly-focused and effective remarketing campaigns to help you stay in touch with users who:

  • Visit your website and do not complete a desired action
  • Visit websites with audiences similar to yours
  • Abandon their carts or leave the checkout process incomplete
  • Sign up for a newsletter

Creative Approaches to Keeping in Touch

We get creative with remarketing and retargeting. Our Google Ads management experts create remarketing campaigns that:

  • Send non-converting web traffic to a landing page designed and tested just for them
  • Send special offers to those who have already converted to continue the conversation
  • Present targeted ads to those who have provided their email addresses
  • Target users based on the length of time spent on your site
  • Stay in front of users based on search terms long after they left the search engine
  • Display an ad of the exact product a user viewed on your site
  • Tailor strategies based on audience segment

Remarketing is an effective way to keep your brand in front of those who are most likely to buy and those who have already converted. – Clint Danks

Placing a remarketing ad is fairly straightforward, but creating a campaign that achieves cost-effective results is extremely complex. A Google Premier Partner, ThinkSEM is skilled in generating clicks and conversions while the making the most of your online advertising budget.

Find out How a Remarketing Campaign Can Help You

Whatever your specific business goals, remarketing can dramatically increase conversion rates and overall return on ad spend. To learn more about remarketing, request an audit of your existing Google Ads account or schedule a free consultation.

From offices in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, ThinkSEM provides Google remarketing expertise and other digital advertising services to clients throughout Minnesota and across the nation.