Search Engine Optimization for Today

SEO practices have changed dramatically in recent years. Gone are the days of getting results through keyword stuffing and spammy link-building campaigns.

Today, SEO is less simple and more subtle. It involves a variety of on-page and off-page practices designed to boost your website’s visibility in the search engines by implementing practices that are in the users’ best interest as well as your own.

Search engine optimization includes:

  • Local search: Optimizing your online presence for local listings in search engines, Yelp!, CitySearch and other platforms
  • Custom content: Search-optimized content that appeals to users and the search engines
  • Links pointing to your site: The type and quality of links from other sites affects your site’s visibility.
  • Domain authority: Your domain’s age and popularity, and your link profile are just some of the factors that contribute to domain authority.
  • Page authority: Measures the strength of an individual web page on a 100-point scale
  • Site architecture: The arrangement of pages on your site can help or hinder site performance.
  • Blog vs. webpage: Fresh, topical content vs. long-term results
  • Social signals: Make it easy for visitors to share.
  • Meta data: Descriptive, keyword-rich title tags and meta description tags for users and search engines.
  • Content marketing: A content development plan that works in conjunction with social media efforts.

Helping You Attain and Maintain Visibility

SEO techniques that were once standard practice can now get your site penalized by the search engines. At ThinkSEM, we stay up-to-the-minute on SEO changes to help you remain visible to the search engines and potential clients. We employ proven practices that position you for success.

The Truth About Organic Results

While it is important to do SEO correctly, there are no guarantees of results. There are hundreds of factors that affect visibility, many of which we have no control over. Some major ones include:

  • How competitive is your industry? Even a perfectly optimized site will have trouble gaining visibility through organic results for competitive keywords such as “Manhattan Business Law Attorney,” or “Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon.”
  • How strong is your backlink profile? Your website is unlikely to achieve high visibility in search results unless multiple, high-quality sites link to yours.

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