SEO Content That Persuades Readers to Act

Well written custom content can attract visitors to your site or online ad and persuade them to convert into leads.

At ThinkSEM, our custom content writers create search engine optimized content that speaks to your prospects concerns and encourages them to act.

Six Rules for SEO Copywriting

Whether we are creating website copy, landing pages, PPC ads or blog posts, our SEO content is designed to:

  1. Keep it simple. People read differently on the Internet. They may be reading on a mobile device or tablet while watching TV, listening to music, or eating dinner. We use short words, sentences and paragraphs to communicate complex ideas simply and clearly.
  2. Make it Visual. Bullet points, subheads and bold face type can break up a sea of grey text. They make written content more visually appealing, scannable and easier to read.
  3. Speak to the reader. Online content may be seen by millions, but it is read by one person at a time. Each person who reads it should feel that the copy is directed to him or her. SEO-optimized copy needs to appeal to the individual who needs the services your business offers.
  4. Encourage action. The copy we write is organized for intuitive navigation and directed toward conversion. It persuads the reader to contact you. Calls to action are clear, compelling and easy to find and use.
  5. Write for humans first. Google’s Webmaster Guidelines have made it clear that its algorithm favors content that is written with the reader’s best interests in mind. That means no keyword stuffing or thin content that doesn’t provide information useful to the reader.
  6. Make sure the search engines understand. Each page should discuss a single topic and include enough keywords so search engines can properly index the page.

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From offices in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, ThinkSEM provides search engine optimized content to clients throughout Minnesota and across the nation.