ThinkSEM’s Web Presence Audit

Even the best of websites needs a good physical every now and then. At ThinkSEM, we offer a  web performance audit so that you can find out what works and what doesn’t. If you choose to hire ThinkSEM for your web performance needs, we will deduct up to $900 (the audit cost) on a future invoice.

Learn what you can expect from your web properties.

Is your website bringing in the results you expect? Have a lot of additions made it unwieldy and difficult to navigate? Can your website be viewed on mobile devices? Is your website still relevant to your market? Has your product and services mix changed? Have your customers changed? A website that was built on yesterday’s technology may not be serving you well.

Ask ThinkSEM to do a SEO audit.

For $900, we will do a thorough, full audit of your website, looking for any problems, finding areas for improvement. We check technical aspects, such as the server you’re using, how fast the site loads, how well it adapts to different devices. We look at the SEO. Is it effective? Could it be better? Is the design clean, clear, easy to navigate? Do you have local search in place? Is social media effective? And we do love numbers. We dig deep into search and web analytics.

Each audit can take 3 – 5 business days. The audit includes documentation on our findings, recommendations and a 60 minute follow-up phone call.

We believe in continuous improvement of every web property.

Technologies, markets, your business, your customers change. The Internet does not stand still. At ThinkSEM, we never stop looking for ways to improve websites for better results. We like to make good websites even better.