Landing Pages Designed to Support Your PPC or Email Campaigns

Creating pay-per-click campaigns or email marketing campaigns is only the first step in lead generation. The next step is perhaps the most critical.

Where should you send users who click on your PPC ad or the link in your email?

A well-designed landing page is the smart choice to support any pay-per-click or email marketing campaign. Compared to website pages, landing pages generate significantly more leads from PPC advertising or emails.


Why do ThinkSEM Landing Pages Work so Well?

Landing pages limit users’ options. They remove clutter and distraction. In most cases they provide only three choices: Fill out a contact form, pick up the phone and call, or hit the back button on the browser.

Our landing page content is specifically designed to support your campaign and improve your conversion rate. The images, text, colors and placement all work together to persuade the user to take the action you desire:

  • Sign up for your email list
  • Call you
  • Request a quote
  • Send you a message
  • Schedule an appointment

Why Not Use the Website as a Landing Page?

Sending users to the home page or an internal page of your website gives them a multitude of choices. They can become distracted by all the options or overwhelmed by the clutter. They may explore other pages or topics on the website. Often they lose focus and forget what they came to the page to do in the first place.

Landing Pages Boost ROI

You’ve invested time and money to persuade users to click on your ad. Don’t risk losing potential customers who have already indicated interest in your offer. Landing pages help you capture more leads and increase the return on your investment.

At ThinkSEM, our conversion rate optimization experts are experienced in designing landing pages that perform. We have created and tested hundreds of landing pages for clients in the professional services industry.

To learn more about landing page design, call ThinkSEM at 651.200.3831 or contact us by email.

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