Lead Generation PPC Calculator

Lead Generation Calculator – Please note that performance will vary significantly if you are using your website’s home page or internal pages to support your pay-per-click efforts. Custom landing pages should increase performance by 2-10x when compared to a website. In order for this calculator to accurately forecast your return on ad spend (RoAS), you will need to know how well your company closes leads (lead to sale/sign-up) and also what the average value of each client is to your organization. This tool could also be a good indicator for your target cost-per-click (CPC).

Goal: Lead Generation

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  • *Monthly Ad Spend:
  • *Avg. Cost-per-click (CPC):
  • Total Clicks:
  • *Avg. Conversion Rate:
  • Leads/Month:
  • Cost/Lead:
  • *Close Rate (Lead to Sale):
  • *Avg. Lifetime Client Value:
  • Revenue:

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